All fees charged require prior approval  – you will never incur a cost you do not know about.

Cost of Services

We provide written confirmation of all product, advice and service costs.
All fees and charges shall fall due upon completion of transaction/service, unless prior deposit or formal invoice is otherwise agreed in writing. 

Payment for Services

We charge fees for all financial planning services relating to Consultation, Audit, Research, Advice, Transaction, Implementation, Compliance and Stewardship.
We do not accept cash payment and routinely expect to be reimbursed for services by one of the methods shown below. Any cheques issued to Kingsgate IFA Ltd are non-refundable.
We operate three fee payment options ...

  1. Standard Fees: Charged monthly as a percentage of funds under management (i.e. 0.70% p.a./£7.00 per £1000 p.a.)

  2. Fixed fees:         Transaction specific and subject to bespoke engagement terms

  3. Hourly fees:      Transaction specific and subject to bespoke engagement terms

 As a general guide .. To arrange an investment of £100,000 would normally attract an initial transaction fee of 1% (for audit, research, advice, portfolio asset allocation and ongoing management) whereas cases of high technical complexity or smaller investments may cost more. Fee acceptance is routinely agreed in advance of works. 
 More specifically, services pertaining to Occupational Pension Transfer Analysis (PTAS) are costed individually via a separate phased and tiered fee agreement, within a charge cap of £17,000.

Fixed Fees

Fixed Fee rates shall apply to all works undertaken or completed. The actual amount charged will vary according to the applicable consultancy rate and the technical/administration services involved. 

Hourly Rates

If applicable, you may elect to set a budget limit , or alternatively agree a fixed fee (subject to Director consent).
You can find our current rates in our T&C’s .. available by post. 

Non-investment Insurance Fees

The provision of insurance policies is routinely paid for via commissions paid directly to Kingsgate IFA Ltd from the issuing provider. All product costs charges are detailed in client specific illustrations.
Where such commission payments arise (e.g. from the purchase of an insurance policy) any policy cancellation within the commission indemnity period shall render the client directly liable for a sum equal to the unpaid commissions and/or any other relevant/associated fees or charges. i.e. A policy cancellation shall not constitute a cancellation, refund or rebate of charges of any kind. 

Stewardship Service Charges

We recommend annual reviews, however frequency can vary to suit client preference. Standard fees apply to all ongoing stewardship/advice services, levied monthly from funds invested at the rate of 0.0583% pm (i.e. 1/12th x 0.7%)*.
*Actual cost is wholly dependent on investment performance; Proportionate cost never varies but the  actual fee deducted will rise or fall in line with fund performance.

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